We will Aggregate DeFi on-chain assets Liquidity.

HubDAO is a progressive DeFi aggregator that aims to overcome the problems that come with information asymmetry and isolated service environments within the DeFi ecosystem.
Through HubDAO’s various Hub-Zones, it connects with a number of DeFi platforms such as Compound, Aave and Oasis Save. In other words, through the HubDAO platform, the liquidity of the DeFi ecosystem will be efficiently integrated, while through a more efficient and reasonable economic model, the DAO organization can exert its real value within the DeFi ecosystem.

Every second, HD is decreasing.

HubDAO has a dual token structure that combines the governance token HD and the utility token HDT.
HD is the only token used to vote in the HubDAO governance, with a total issuance of 21 million. HD is used for all loan interest payments in the Lending Hub, and the HD used is burned when used. In other words, continuous deflation occurs.

Dynamic evolution to DAO organization

Although HubDAO is developed and operated by top experts in the financial and technical sectors for rapid ecosystem growth in the early stages of the project, as 52 percent of governance sovereignty is gradually distributed to the community, all the authority of governance will also be distributed to the community members, which will lead to a truly fair, transparent and efficient decentralized body.

HD will not be issued blindly.

The high mining revenue in the early DeFi market certainly helped growth, but it also produced hidden risks accordingly. Huge numbers of mining coins were issued at a rapid pace, undermining the value of tokens in the market, which also hindered sustained growth.
Therefore, HubDAO started the project by designing the initial mining issuance to be set at avery low level while only taking a small fund from the early investors. This is designed to prevent market manipulation of certain forces or funds, while allowing HD scarcity in the distribution market to last for a long time.

Join the HubDAO Ecosystem

Come build on the world's most used decentralized finance(DeFi) ecosystem with HubDAO.
HubDAO will enable a wide range of decentralized use cases by making compatibility with any cryptocurrency, application and, off-chain data
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